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№ 8 in Wading through greenwashing

NSW Environmental regulator prosecutes Macquarie-owned waste facility for breaching pollution law

A year after the alleged first pollution offences occurred, the NSW EPA has notified residents that it has commenced legal proceedings against Macquarie-owned Bingo Industries waste facility at Eastern Creek. Local residents filed hundreds of complaints about odours spreading through their Western Sydney suburbs. The odours still continue. This story also covers Bingo's poor record at managing asbestos.

Green Bans turn fifty

Last week was the fiftieth anniversary of the first Green Ban in Sydney. In this piece for City Hub, I reflect on the Green Ban period and report on this week's events at 'Willow Grove' Parramatta, the site of the most recent Green Ban.

№ 3 in Wading through greenwashing

Bingo still polluting Sydney's West - and how a previous audit revealed landfill problems

The NSW EPA ordered Bingo Industries to install a gas plant to remove unhealthy hydrogen sulphide odours. Two gas flares were lit but the odours continue. Western Sydney residents, backed by local Labor MPs, are calling on the EPA to close the plant down. In this blog post, I reveal long term weaknesses in the landfill's environmental record, management and regulation.